Medemblikkersluisweg 6
1775 RH Middenmeer
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@tempo-roll.nl
Tel : +31(227) 656127
Fax : +31(227) 656227



Tempo Trommels en Rollen; always in motion

Tempo Trommels en Rollen is the specialist in the field of rollers, drums, trough couple and conveyor components. The in Middenmeer More established business for almost 25 years. Tempo has since its establishment in 1988 developed into a high-manufacturer of rollers, drums and related components fortransport and machinery.

Tempo Trommels en Rollen is engaged in a wide area and continually strives for innovation and progress. With targeted investments in people and machines and cohesive partnerships with reliable suppliers, we have succeeded a leading position in the industry to acquire.. The most varied industries use our services and to the full satisfaction. Our core values ​​are: a good quality and durable product at a competitive price, fast delivery.

Tempo is a dynamic company. We believe in tailor-made solutions. In customization. Our flexible, customer-oriented approach and 24-hour service we are able to respond to each question. Want more information? Send us a direct mail (info@tempo-roll.nl) or fill in the contact form on the website. You can also feel free to request a quote. We guarantee a competitive quote with the best value for money.

Trough Couples


The metal craft employees of Tempo are much more able to then making serial products. With their knowledge and experience they can based on a provided prototype, rough sketch or detailed drawing to smart solutions for complex tasks are.. They think it. Tempo invests in its staff and takes into account the future with the use of sustainable materials and the purchase of modern and versatile machines to more efficient business processes and better productslead. This vision resulted in a growing and satisfied customer base

Environmental awareness

Tempo Trommels en Rollen has an eye for opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the business. the coming years is one of the important developments in business sustainability in the metalworking. Sustainable business is no longer seen as a cost but as an additional opportunity to distinguish you from the competition. Tempo has attention to saving energy, reducing waste and failure, the use of sustainable materials and extending the lifeof the products. The working conditions are improved, for example, the placement of air filter and cleaning equipment.


At Tempo focus on safe and healthy working. This is necessary for the health and safety legislation to meet and important to the employees a safe and wellworking environment. The management of Tempo oversees compliance safety and the use of tools in the field ofharmful noise, solvents and fumes. Machine safety is an important and ongoing concern. The costs that must be made for road safety adjustments does not justify the costs (and possibly suffering) of occupational accidents,one realizes at Tempo.

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