Medemblikkersluisweg 6
1775 RH Middenmeer
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@tempo-roll.nl
Tel : +31(227) 656127
Fax : +31(227) 656227



Company profile

Tempo Trommels en Rollen was established in 1988. The company started almost a quarter century ago in a shed in Wieringerwerf under the name Bouwman Wieringermeer. Since 1999, Tempo is at its present location on the Medemblikker Sluisweg 6 in Middenmeer.

Tempo Trommels en Rollen specializes in the production of rollers, drums, tough couple and various components for new and existing installations. Various standard products are available from stock, abnormal versions can be produced within a short delivery time.

Tempo has an advanced machinery (conventional and CNC lathes and milling machines, saw benches and a specialized welding) and a team of expert staff who can respond to each question . Tempo is hierdoor in staat om kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten te maken tegen een concurrerende prijs en een snelle levertijd. Tempo provides a wide variety of industries. Of the agricultural sector to the waste and recycling sector of the food industry in the logistics and transport sector.

Tempo is a growing company. The company has recently been part of Stahlgruber GmbH, a leading German group which operates in many countries. Tempo Trommels en Rollen is a production facility TSN TIP TOP (which enjoys a considerable reputation as the largest supplier of rubber and plastic conveyor belts), the global REMA TIP TOP and T-Rex Rubber International (within and outside Europe a leading position in the rubber and conveyor industry occupies). Tempo Trommels en Rollen also has a large customer base, who are satisfied with the products of Tempo.

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Metalworking is the passion of the staff of Tempo Trommels en Rollen. With approximately 25 employees have the knowledge and experience to quickly and expertise of service.

Sawing, turning, milling, welding, assembling and putting. Our craftsmen in metal achieve high-quality solutions for variety of clients. We always strive for the best possible product at a competitive price and fast delivery. Our skilled people in offices ensure that our organization runs smoothly.


Tempo Trommels en Rollen has modern machinery, which optimal operations can be performed.. This allows the Middenmeerse company to retrieve a high production speed , to high quality standards and ultimately a good productat a competitive price to offer.

The many machines in the two production halls logical arrangement, so that an optimal logistics and flow of the products is guaranteed. Tempo makes use of the following machines:

Machinery Lathes (CNC and conventional)

Doosan Puma 3100 XLM cnc draaibank

Max. draaidiameter 420 mm
Maximum turning diameter 2.125 mm
Klauwplaat 305 mm
Motor vermogen (links en rechts) 22/18,5
Toerental (links en rechts) 5000 rpm
Aangedreven gereedschap Ja

Doosan Puma 1800 TT SY cnc draaibank

Max. draaidiameter boventurret 230 mm
Max. draaidiameter onderturret 230 mm
Maximum turning diameter 230 mm
Klauwplaat 210 mm
Motor vermogen (links en rechts) 22/15 kW
Eff. doorlaat dia 66 mm
Toerental (links en rechts) 5000 rpm
Aangedreven gereedschap Ja

Doosan Puma 2600 cnc draaibank

Y-as slag 102 mmm
Doorlaat 50 mm
Maximum turning diameter 376 mm
Maximum turning diameter 760/1280 mm
Klauwplaat 255 mm

Doosan-Daewoo Puma 300LB

Diameter above the bed 570 mm
Diameter over cross slide 370 mm
Maximum turning diameter 400 mm
Maximum turning diameter 1298 mm
Pass of the drawbar 77 mm

Doosan Puma 280LM

Diameter above the bed 630 mm
Diameter over cross slide 500 mm
Maximum turning diameter 410 mm
Maximum turning diameter 1030 mm
Pass of the drawbar 76 mmm

Doosan Puma 480XLM

Diameter above the bed 900 mm
Diameter over cross slide 720 mm
Maximum turning diameter 610 mm
Maximum turning diameter 3001 mm
Pass of the drawbar spindle 166,5 mm

Emcomat E480

Distance between centers 4000 mm
Center height 510 mm
Turning diameter above the bed 1050 mm
Swing diameter over cross slide 740 mm
Pass of Spindle bore 153 mm

Padovani Labor E255

Distance between centers 2000 mm
Center height 255 mm
Turning diameter above the bed 515 mm
Swing diameter over cross slide 265 mm
Pass of Spindle bore 77 mm

Padovani Labor E275 x 2000

Distance between centers 2000 mm
Center height 275 mm
Turning diameter above the bed 550 mm
Swing diameter over cross slide 365 mm
Pass of Spindle bore 108 mm

Padovani Labor E275 x 3000

Distance between centers 3000 mm
Center height 280 mm
Turning diameter above the bed 550 mm
Swing diameter over cross slide 375 mm
Pass of Spindle bore 102 mm

Doosan-Daewoo Puma 350

Diameter above the bed 550 mm
Diameter over cross slide 450 mm
Maximum turning diameter 460 mm
Maximum turning diameter 1050 mm
Pass of the drawbar 110 mm

Dormac Labor E275

Distance between centers 3000 mm
Diameter above the bed 550 mm
Diameter over cross slide 310 mm
Pass of the drawbar 105 mm

Dormac 275E TC 2000


TUR 560

Turning diameter above the bed 560 mm
Distance between centers 433 mm
Toerental 18 - 1800 rpm
Aantal spil snelheden 21
Doorlaat spil 105 mm
Motorvermogen 15 kW
Opname pinole MC5
Pinole diameter 100 mm

Ecoca EL

Turning diameter above the bed 510 mm
Draaidiameter over dwarsslede 300 mm
Distance between centers 1500 mm
Motor vermogen 7,5 / 11 kW
Toerental 40 - 2000 rpm

Est Ticino 1300 x 3000

Turning diameter above the bed 1400 mm
Draaidiameter over dwarsslede 980 mm
Distance between centers 6500 mm
Motor vermogen 60kW
Toerental 900 rpm
bedbreedte 800 mmm
Max. gewicht werkstuk 7500 kg

Doosan Lynx 220 LMC

Turning diameter above the bed 510 mm
Diameter over cross slide 290 mm
Distance between centers 320 mm
Toerental 6000 rpm
Motor vermogen 15 kW
Doorlaat spindel 45 mm

Puma 2600 LSY

Max. draaidiameter 376 mm
Max. draailengte 1280 mm
Klauwplaat 255 mm
Motor vermogen 22/15 kW
Motor type Build-in
Aangedreven gereedschap Ja
Subspil Build-in
Doorlaat subspil 62 mm
Y-as slag 105 mm

Puma 4100 LMB

Turning diameter above the bed 790 mm
Draaidiameter boven de slede 590 mm
Distance between centers 380 mm
Klauwplaat grootte 380 mm
Toerental 1e rang 667 rpm
Toerental 2e rang 2000 rpm
Doorlaat spil (trekpijp) 116,5 mm
Motorvermogen 30/22 kW
IJlgangen X-as 16 m/min
IJlgangen Z-as 20/18 m/min
Aangedreven gereedschap Ja

Puma 3100 MY

Max. draaidiameter 420 mm
Max. draailengte 760 mm
Klauwplaat 305 mm
Motor vermogen 22/18,5
Toerental 2800 rpm
Aangedreven gereedschap Ja

Furthermore, our department turn left following machines:

  • Turning lathe Daewoo Puma 8s
  • Turning lathe Daewoo Ecoturn 200
  • Turning lathe Schaublin
  • Turning lathe Ward 2 D3
  • Turning lathe Puma 2600
  • Robot Kawasaki
  • Grinding Machine
  • Pallet truck

Milling machines (CNC and conventional)

Cinch-Mill 30

table Size 1800 x 450
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 1000
X-axis displacement (mm) 1500
Y-axis displacement (mm) 650
Z-axis displacement (mm) 620

Cinch-Mill 25

table Size 1700 x 420
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 800
X-axis displacement (mm) 1300
Y-axis displacement (mm) 630
Z-axis displacement (mm) 620

Furthermore, our milling department still has the following machines:

  • Milling Machine Dahlin DL-G2200
  • Hydraulic press
  • Controlled 3-claw cutter
  • Drill Press
  • Drill tapping machine (6 pcs)

Our cutting department has the following machines:

  • Band Saws
  • belt Sander
  • Circular saws
  • Bandsaws
  • Brake press
  • Forklift

Our welding department offers the following machines:

  • Various MIG and TIG welding (Kemppi, Lorch, Miller)
  • Welding vapor extractor
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Eccentric presses
  • Punch press (hydraulic)
  • Brake press / brake
  • compactor
  • belt Sander
  • roller Banks
  • Borers
  • Pallet truck
  • Welding boom extractors
  • overhead Cranes

Our assembly and shipping department has the following machines:

  • belt Sander
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Eccentric presses
  • Revolver Banks
  • Rubber press
  • Drill Presses
  • Forklift
  • Pallet truck
  • Cleaning Machine

Company information

Tempo Trommels en Rollen is located in Middenmeer. The company is located right next to the A7 motorway.

Our address

Tempo Trommels en Rollen
Medemblikkersluisweg 6
1775 RH Middenmeer

Tel.: +31 (227) 656127
Fax: +31 (227) 656227
E-mail: info@tempo-roll.nl
Website: www.tempo-roll.nl

Chamber of Commerce: 37085001
VAT no:


Tempo Trommels en Rollen works for very specific outsourcing, such as metal surface treatment and coating drums, along with solid, reliable partners. We ensure that the required quality is achieved and agreed deadlines are met.

Which outsourcing find it at Tempo place?

Epoxy or powder coating

The products we manufacture for various transport have to deal with numerous influences such as humidity, temperature, dust and dirt. Metal offers plenty of opportunities to provide a layer of powder. The epoxy coating provides a protective layer of the tube so that the tube is very durable. The powder is applied through spray robots the material is applied and then under temperature cured. The epoxy can be in different RAL colors are applied (this color forms on thesame the world).


Galvanizing is an excellent application for the sustainable protection of steel against external influences. By applying a thin layer of zinc, the roller or drum isprotected against corrosion. The layer thickness depends on the steel composition, the thickness of the material and time in the zinc bath. The minimum thicknesses for indoor and outdoor applications are determined the basis of the prescribed standard countersink.

Wet coating

With this spray painting technique, the metal products Tempo both embellished and protected against corrosion. The layer thickness depends on thetype of product, application of the product and the requirements of the customer.. The wet coating ensures a durable product with a long life and less maintenance.

to clothe

Covering drums aims to increase the friction between the drum and conveyor belt. As a result, the slipping of the belt conveyor is reduced. There will also be less wear, which prolongs the life of the tire. Er zijn vele soorten bekleding mogelijk, van allerlei soorten materialen. Paint, epoxy powder coating, plastic, rubber and ceramic. Coatings with ceramic plates are ideal for high humidity and / or clay-like environments and in extreme operating conditions. This coating can be supplied for each diameter and length of the required drum.


The metal craft employees of Tempo are much more able to then making serial products. With their knowledge and experience they can based on a provided prototype, rough sketch or detailed drawing to smart solutions for complex tasks are.. They think it. Tempo invests in its staff and takes into account the future with the use of sustainable materials and the purchase of modern and versatile machines to more efficient business processes and better productslead. This vision resulted in a growing and satisfied customer base

Environmental awareness

Tempo Trommels en Rollen has an eye for opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the business. the coming years is one of the important developments in business sustainability in the metalworking. Sustainable business is no longer seen as a cost but as an additional opportunity to distinguish you from the competition. Tempo has attention to saving energy, reducing waste and failure, the use of sustainable materials and extending the lifeof the products. The working conditions are improved, for example, the placement of air filter and cleaning equipment.


At Tempo focus on safe and healthy working. This is necessary for the health and safety legislation to meet and important to the employees a safe and wellworking environment. The management of Tempo oversees compliance safety and the use of tools in the field ofharmful noise, solvents and fumes. Machine safety is an important and ongoing concern. The costs that must be made for road safety adjustments does not justify the costs (and possibly suffering) of occupational accidents,one realizes at Tempo.

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